Using The Bloom Display Settings

Bloom gives you complete control over where each of your opt-in forms appear on your website.

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Display Settings Control Where & When Your Opt-Ins Are Displayed

Whenever you create a new Pop-Up, Fly-In or Below Post opt-in, you will be presented with a set of “Display” settings. These settings are used to control where on your website your opt-in will appear, and well as when it will appear. You can choose to display your opt-in on your entire site, or you can choose to display you opt-in on individual posts or post types. If you are building a Pop-Up of Fly-In, you can also adjust a set of “trigger” that affect when your opt-in is displayed. For example, you could create a Pop-Up that exists on all pages, but is only triggered when a visitor reaches the bottom of your post. Or you could create a fly-in to exists only on a certain category of posts, and is only displayed after a visitor comments.

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