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Divi Global Modules, Rows & Sections

Create a library item that syncs between all of the pages you use it on.

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What Is A Global Library Item?

A Global library item is a module, row or section that appears exactly the same on whatever pages it is added to. You can add a single global module to multiple pages. If you change the global module on one page, it gets updated instantly on all of the other pages it has been added to as well. A simple use-case for this would be a Call To Action Module that appears at the bottom of many or all of the pages on your website. If a single module is repeated on multiple pages, it’s very useful to make this module Global. This way, you don’t have to edit every single page when you want to make a change to it.Global elements open up so many possibilities, especially when you consider that you can selectively sync individual settings for each module. For example, you could create a global Header Module that appears at the top of all of your pages, and choose to only sync certain options in the Design and Advanced Tabs. This will allow you to apply custom styling to the entire series of pages using this global header module, but still allow you to add unique title text content to each module within the modules “Content” tab (which has not been synced). If you ever want to adjust the look and feel of these global header modules, you only have to edit the options you chose to be synced once. Entire sections can also be made into global sections. This is a perfect way to create a custom footer for your entire site, and have that footer section mirrored across all of your pages. If you ever want to change your global footer section, you only have to edit it once and the changes get applied everywhere the section has been used.

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