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Importing & Exporting Divi Builder Layouts & Library Collections
Importing & Exporting Divi Builder Layouts & Library Collections

Export your Divi Library from one website and import into onto another.

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The Divi Portability System

Divi has an extensive portability system that stretches every inch of the theme. Everything inside of Divi can be exported from one website and then imported into a new website. Divi exports are also a great way to back up parts of your website, save your favorite presets for new client builds, or share your custom Divi layouts and settings with your peers. This includes Theme Options, Theme Customizer Settings, Divi Roles, and most importantly Divi Layout and Divi Library collections. Each system works exactly the same and you will notice the Divi portability icon throughout the theme. When you export a Divi Layout or Divi Library item, it can then be shared and used on any Divi website. Everything, including images, custom CSS and Advanced Design Settings are contained in a single JSON file. When you import the file to a new website, your uploaded Divi Layouts will be ready to use!

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