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How To Download And Install The Divi Theme
How To Download And Install The Divi Theme

Installing our themes can be done using the WordPress Dashboard.

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Note: If you are using a Mac with Safari, your zip files will automatically be unzipped. You will need to adjust your Safari Preferences below:

  1. Open Safari 

  2. Click Preferences

  3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading

  4. Download the file again. 

Installing Divi Automatically With Divi Hosting

The easiest way to getting started with Divi is with Divi Hosting. With Divi Hosting, Divi is installed and activated with your license key automatically. Plus you get the benefit of fast WordPress hosting that meets all of Divi’s requirements of out the box! If you already have a website and a host, then follow the instructions below to install Divi manually via your WordPress Dashboard.

Installing Divi Manually

In this tutorial, we will be installing your theme using the Upload feature in your WordPress Dashboard. Before you can upload your theme, you first need to download it from the members area. Login to your account, and then look for the “Divi” theme in the Downloads tab. Click the “download” button to get the zipped theme folder.

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